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Can’t Spell Ass Without Dallas

By Sean Gallagher

We could go for more of this.Or something like that.

Honestly, we don't know what to expect tonight. The Blues have done a great job of playing to the level of their competition this year, meaning that they lose bad games to bad teams all the time. On the flip side, they also have found a way to win big games against good teams regularly. We aren't in the NHL, but we call "coaching issue" when your team plays to the competition rather than playing their own 60 Minutes Of Hell game.

We'll have to see how the Blues react to their new RoboCaptain when Bender Brewer takes the ice for the first time wearing that nifty yellow C on his chest. We bet he still doesn't show any outward emotion, just like a good robot.

Brad won't be working his Live Blog magic, and frankly, live blogging is a chore for me, so this open thread will be your home for tonight. The Blues' game preview spends a great deal of time talking about how good Niklas Hagman is and how bad Manny Legace has been, so we see this as another sign that the great NHL Overlord is taking over every aspect of the team sites.

As an aside, we'll be listening to the KMOX feed, as a GT regular commenter named Flash is going to be trying to get a radio shout-out on the airwaves for GT, his buddy the Answer Man (and maybe some other friends and family). Additionally, he's got a couple mocked-up GT front pages that he's going to try to get on TV. Our readers are nothing if not subversive.

In the end, we hope Paul Kariya scores another hat trick in Dallas and that the Blues come home with a win.