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Blues At Oilers Live Blog

Paul Kariya, during happier, more productive times.

By Brad Lee

We're setting this thing up and stuff. Feele free to start mixing it up in the comments.

Jeremy Rutherford of the P-D has reported that Fragile Jay McKee is out with a bruised foot. Youngster Roman Polak has been recalled from Peoria and is expected to play. Keith Tkachuk is still out with a bum shoulder. Expect Yan Stastny in for Martin "Pinocchio" Rucinsky. And Emmanuel Legace only played a period last night and is expected back in nets tonight. He wasn't happy to get pulled.

"I was shocked," Legace said. "I didn't think I deserved (to be pullede). I thought I made some pretty big saves. After the second goal, I thought I made three or four good saves. It wasn't like I was playing bad...That's their decision. You'd have to ask them what they're thinking, what their thought process was. They never talked to me about it. Maybe they have more behind it than I know. It stinks when you get pulled. I hate it. I'd rather stay in there and lose 6-0 or 7-0 than get pulled. But some nights you deserve. I didn't think tonight was one of them."

Legace is competitive. Gotta respect that.

More when they drop the puck.

19:11 Do they have 50-year-old lights in Edmonton or something? It's like watching a game from 1983.

17:02 Damn, am I watching last night's game? Stortini just scored on a long shot over Manny's shoulder. His third goal of the year. Fuck. Yeah.

I'll say it for Bernie, I don't think he ever saw it.

And we're due to have a shitload of comments tonight. Blues down 1-0 before the third comment. Sweet.

15:30 Hey Edmonton, want to know how big my Johnson is? It just screened Legace on that goal. From the bench.

It could be worse. I could be forced to watch American Idol. I'd rather watch highlights of Stanley Cup parades through downtown Detroit.

Wait, I don't think I thought that last comment through.

14:50 We have a Polak sighting. Roman Polak joke of the game.

Roman walks into a bar. Says, "He bartender, want to hear a Polak joke?" Bartender says, "I'd think about that before you do. The cop over there is a Polak, our bouncer is a Polak and I'm a Polak." Roman says, "Aw hell, I don't want to tell the joke now. I'd have to explain it three times."

13:55 Blues in the box, and now Captain Roboto just put it over the glass for more than 90 seconds of 5-3. Sweet.

12:57 Stoll from the point. 2-0 Oilers.

Hey Ears. How's it hanging?

Brewer still in the box for more than a minute. Sweet.

11:51 Penalty over...Stastny now going to the box. Sweet.

I have been led to believe that we'll have a rundown of some of the top prospects in the upcoming NHL draft here on Game Time later this week. The interesting part? Our black magic-using Prospect Department thinks there's a better player in the draft than the Stamkos kid that's getting mentioned in about 20 comments a night as the Blues continue to improve their draft lottery standing. Sweet.

11:20 Gagner, who is 18, scores. 3-0. Kelly thinks the puck may have hit off Brewer. JUST like last night.

Legace is stitting on the ice staring at his feet.

FUCK. Brewer practically kicked it in. Are they throwing these games on purpose? You have to make it more convincing than this, boys.

"It's really tough right now," Federko said. Understatement of the evening so far.

10:00 Since hockey isn't really worth talking about, I'm up for ideas. Anybody want my lasagna recipe? It dominates.

5:20 Ben Bishop is the biggest goalie I've ever seen. He towers over the other players like the ref during mighty mite games during the intermission. Is the game still going on? I'm afraid to look up from my keyboard.

Guinea Pig Says:

3 goals, 3 drinks, 1/2 period in. This night isn’t boding well for anyone.
Now that's a Blues fan. A tip of Red Berenson cowboy's hat to you.

4:00 Interesting question:

Dooks Says:

here’s a debate: who sucks worse, Blues or Rams?
Tough to compare, but why not. Thoughts?

2:44 Bernie thinks the upcoming power play. AND THEY DO! Andy McDonald. Horrible bounce from the wall. Garon got caught out of the net.

Please don't say they're back in it. Please don't say they're back in it. PLEASE.

1:00 No matter how the FSN boys spin it, this is one of the worst periods of the year. This is Edmonton, the team that has routinely been second to last in the conference all season. Now the Blues are in that enviable spot.

When I say enviable, I mean the Kings would TOTALLY love to be second to last for a change.


3-1 Oilers.

"That goal seems to have inspired the Blues," Kelly said.

"It gave them the momentum they needed," Federko said.

My ears are going to start bleeding any second.