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Blues At Oilers Second Period

Never knew Edmonton could look so pretty.

By Brad Lee

The deja vu strikes again. I need to be off the blog for a little bit. Keep the comments/bitching/drinking going without me.

Thanks for understanding. If you'd like a refund, I can get my manager.

19:20 But before I hit the door, holy fuck. Stempniak scored. It's 3-2.

This game has 8-7 written all over it. Gotta love when two crappy teams get together.

3;46 Wait. My TV must be broken. It says the score is 3-3.

1:33 Reading the comments, I think I love Boyes too.

McClement and Kariya just had good scoring chances.

Man Edmonton sucks. They couldn't finish this team off?

END OF PERIOD 3-3. It's like a whole new game and stuff.