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You Write The Comedy Wednesday

By Brad Lee

No game today or tomorrow. With three live blogs in the last four nights, that seems like a big gap between games. It has been eight days since the Blues won a game. It sucks. After last night's loss in Edmonton, it doesn't seem like the Blues are even as good as the Oilers, a young and flashy team -- a team most Blues fans hope their team will be in the very near future.

We've got a double dose of hilarity for your commenting pleasure this afternoon. The first is Emmanuel Legace giving up the game-winning goal in overtime to a guy who for the first time in NHL history scored three straight overtime game-winners. And when Federko says, "I don't think he ever saw the puck," how could he with a random stick growing on his face?

Man Manny looks small in that photo.

And another of David Perron apparently pooping a goal.

You don't want to know where that puck has been.