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Do You Want To Become An Internet Celebrity?

This could be you.

By Brad Lee

You love the live blog. I love the live blog. Help the live blog.

This epic nine-game road trip/odyssey/death march/trail of tears is taking its toll. I need a break from documenting the disappointments in NHL arenas across the continent. Plus my wife has said if I blog again Saturday night, she's going to go all D.J. King on me. And I don't think she was referring to his condo.

So we are looking for a volunteer or two who are wanting to try his or her hand at live blogging either Friday night's Blues game in San Jose or Saturday night's game in Anaheim. Some experience working with Wordpress or something similar is helpful, but not required. We will pay you with Internet fame and fortune (fortune optional). Game Time staffers are eligible, but we tend to treat the blog and the paper differently, so we're opening it up to our Internet friends as well.

Drop me a line at and we'll sift through the gluttons for punishment hardy volunteers who don't know what they're getting themselves into are willing to help out. I'll even give you a few tips that will hopefully make your live blogging experience that much more hellish enjoyable.

Send an e-mail with a short description of why you'd like the opportunity and any promises of bribery by 9 a.m. St. Louis time Friday and we'll get it rolling.