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It Worked Once Before…

For once, it's cool to be a mascot.

By Brad Lee

Dear Ms. Pamela Anderson,

I would like to thank you for partnering with my Dad, Geoff Courtnall, to build eco-friendly condos. Dad had to retire because of a concussion so he's not always good with writing letters. I usually do it for him. We're together all the time since he's my coach with the Victoria Grizzlies. Did I mention I was drafted last year? Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal.

It's cool and stuff that you are working with my Dad. Maybe this summer you can visit us at our house. We've got a pool. And a hot tub. Think about it. I can be verrrry persuasive.

In case you're not aware, Larry Pleau admitted to re-signing Geoff Courtnall after receiving this handwritten note from Courtnall's sons.


Justin Courtnall