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Meet Your Live Bloggers

By Brad Lee

As we mentioned Thursday, this road trip has been a killer for the Game Time Live Blog Department. And with two West Coast games in a row, tonight seems like a good time to mix up the lineup. So we'll have two different live bloggers. Leave 'em lots of comments. Try not to laugh at them too much while Daddy's gone, OK?

Now to the introductions:

Friday Night's Live Blogger: Chris Gift

Chris Gift. Oddly, an actual photo.Chris Gift. Oddly, an actual photo.

If you're not a cheap bastard and actually buy the paper, you know him as our Oprah, our Dr. Phil, our guy who writes page five every single game and not necessarily completely about hockey. This photo depicts him in his pride and joy, his Barret Jackman sweater sporting the captain's "C" on the front (they don't charge extra letters and he figured two years ago that Jackman would be the next captain anyway). Better luck next leadership change, Gifty. A regular commenter here at the Game Time blog, this will be Gift's first actual posts to see the light of day on the Internets. His previous attempt got the editorial axe because we didn't want to make fun of Andy Strickland when he was originally fired from 1380 AM. We probably should have reconsidered that decision.

Saturday Night's Live Blogger(s): Commenters Poor College Student and Chia

Not actually Poor College Student and Chia.

Yes, you've seen their his fine work in the masterpieces: "Blues At Flames Third Period" and "Top 11ish Rejected Slogans For The Game Time Web site motto."

EDIT: Apparently one of the two of them is apparently capable of getting a date on a Saturday night and wishes to spend this time with a woman. We'll let you guess who has the date and who's home with his computer, but you might figure it out when Chia starts posting.

They are going to attempt a death-defying feat never before seen here at Game Time -- The Blog. They will be live blogging the game from two computers...FROM THE SAME ROOM. This leads us to believe that they might be roommates. If they're not, we hope they lie.

Sneak preview of possible live blog Saturday night:

CHIA: 15:24 Brewer just fell down again. He might need a new microprocessor. And ladies, in case you're wondering, Poor College Student has really smelly feet. I wish he would put them in trash bags.

PCS: 15:19 Chia keeps typing. It's a Dobbs commercial. If he makes fun of my feet again instead of the chick in the commercial...

CHIA: 15:10 Tkachuk looks slow, but not as mentally slow as PCS.

PCS: 14:50 Perron is on the ice. How weird, just like that one time last year I saw Chia talking to a girl. His last date was so long ago, the Blues were in the playoffs.
We'll try to post some bloggy goodness over the weekend. We may even show up in the comments to watch these suckers volunteers crash and burn do their thing.