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Blues at Sharks - 2nd Period

By Chris Gift

If the team traveled by boat...

I guess the good news is that the first period of tonight's game didn't have any Celine Dion music in it. Is 8-0 after two periods out of the question? I don't think so, either.

Back in a few...

A storm blew through Atlanta and ripped two holes in the roof of the Georgia Dome. The roof of the Georgia Dome would have done a better job in goal than Toivonen did.

19:06- Backes on the Power Play, and another assist for EJ. I wonder if his foot hadn't been "broked" at the beginning of the season and the Blues hadn't been so "victory challenged" if EJ would be getting more talk for the Calder Trophy.

17:32- Nice pileup. Just a reminder, if you like grown men hugging each other trying to gain an "advantage," the NCAA Wrestling Championships are at Scottrade Center next week.

17:12- Good music choice of INXS' "It Ain't Pretty" during the pileup. Carl Middleman, please take note.

16:08- The more I see Joe Thornton play, the more I realize three things: A) Yes, to answer his question from the NHL Network's commercials, those pants do make his butt look big. Second- The guy can play- flat out play. I don't know what happened in Boston, but since he was sent west he may be the best player in the league. Finally, much like Vancouver acquiring Roberto Luongo for an aging power forward (Todd Bertuzzi) when the Blues had one of those also (Walt Tkachuk), where were the Blues on the Thornton sweepstakes when he was on his way out in Boston.

13:40- A line of King, Perron, and Boyes. Sometimes I really wonder about the line combinations on the ice.

12:13- Gallagher, all of the fans are texting their hyphenated last named friends, asking which player Pronger is, that they are supposed to boo him, but they can't find him.

11:12- I'm getting to the point with Federko where his voice comes across to me as the same as Charlie Brown's school teacher. I don't know what he's saying, I could think of a better thing to say, and I don't need cabinets.

11:00- Yes, I posted in the comments. No, Gallagher, I didn't mean to put it up here.

10:10- Is "riccochet" Federko-ish for "deflection?"

9:19- Nabakov has played in 67 games. The one game he doesn't start, Brian Boucher shut out the Blues. Put that in your teal beer and slam it.

7:10- Anybody else feel like it is just a matter of time until San Jose puts another one in?

6:15- The 16th Round? Are you reading Rubin "Hurricane" Carter's book, Brad? It's 4-1, but according to Federko, a "riccochet" here and there and the Blues could be winning 17-4. But Manny wouldn't have seen any of them.

6:15- Doesn't "Warf" have an H in it? "Wharf," right?

6:01- The Blues flew in after the game on Tuesday, and boy are their arms tired.

5:33- "You have to give them credit, John." Why? For what?

5:15- Okay, the toughest Blue thing is nice and all, but how about a funnier one: The Least Toughest Blue. Any suggestions? Daniel Corso? JD Drew?

4:17- I know that the HP Pavilion is an "old school" building, and the visiting team's goalie doesn't fit on the bench, but has Manny been on camera at all tonight? Maybe he's out looking for Sharkie's britches.

3:43- Sandis Ozolinsh- have a drink on me.

3:34- "Toivonen hasn't had any work this period." He wasn't exactly painting the Mona Lisa during the first.

1:06- Didn't see much of a hook there on I, Robot.

0:44- So what's the book on Toivonen- when he sucks, he really sucks, when he's decent he still isn't very good?

0:00.00000001- Great save by Toivonen. We could have used four more of those in the first period.

We're going to take a quick break, remember to tip your waitresses and bartenders.