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Blues First Period - Live Blog BluesvDucks

No one can say we didn't prepare

Live blogger Chia here - ready to "crash and burn" as we've been told we'll do.

And I'm Poor College Student - Good is the enemy of great and so forth.

PCS- As noted in the comments, Pronger got 8 games out

Chia- Isn't Pronger hating sorta short-sighted?

PCS- Emmanuel back in net. Jiggy in for the Duckies

PCS- 19:20- Tkachuk on the ice. Chris D not pleased

Chia- 17: 30- Looks like the PenKill is alright.

PCS- 14:40- Shorthanded chance. It was Mayers. Three guesses as to what happened. (Hint: not a goal)

Chia- 12:25- Nice chance on goal there. They tried to pass it up the middle and gave it up.

PCS- 12:10- "King, Janssen support hockey violence" Film at 11

PCS- 10:27 - Federko calls Anaheim's Power Play lazy. Has he seen ours?

PCS- 9:00- Blues kill a power play. A Power Play that was not their own. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Chia- 8:25- Little bit of a tussle in front of Legace. Bunch of hooligans giving the old "leather rub."

PCS- 6:15- "Sutherby...wide by 5 feet." Perhaps he's been working with Mayers.

PCS- 5:29- No Skeletor sightings. Also no cialis sightings. Stay tuned.

PCS- 4:03- "Perron trying to feed Mayers." Good luck with that one, buddy.

Chia- 1:55- Boyes on the breakaway, stopped.

Chia- 1:05- Ducks goal, defense didn't do very well

PCS- 0:00- And after Schneider's soft goal, the period ends 1-0, it's the best we could have hoped for. Back for the 2nd shortly