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Blues Second Period - Wait, down? I’ve seen this before.

Scenic Alcatraz! Oooooh ahhhhh.

Chia- Intermission- Kelly just gave Bernie the "What the fuck?" look. Priceless.

PCS- Hey, I got a question for Bennett, too. "Don't suck!" Wait...that's not a question.

Chia- 18:06- BLUES GOAL. Jiggy made a mistake clearing it up the boards. Mayers takes advantage of another player pounding the goalies chest. Oh, the irony.

PCS- 18:06- That's the code. That's BLUES hockey.

PCS- 14:34- Walker clearly letting the media pressure for his 2nd career goal get to him. You can just see it in his eyes.

Chia- 14:00- Murray gave Cam one directive: "Attack!"

"Score" may have been better.

Chia- 12:30- Awwww, the cock-stache got his own segment

PCS- John Kelly: "Parros is one smart cookie. And a tough cookie!" No word on Parros's favorite kind of cookie. My money's on gingerbread.

PCS- Nice commercial there featuring Bud Light and Chris Chelios

Chia- Would have made a good "insert Ricci here" joke.

Chia- IrishBlue Says: March 15th, 2008 at 9:15 pm

"Perros on the bean bag!"

Fly to me my ladybug.

PCS- Andy Murray timeout. It's not nice to point, Andy.

PCS- I've seen no comments on RoboCap. Thoughts on Brewer tonight?

PCS- 5:25- If that's anyone but Janssen, that's not a penalty.

Chia- 5:06-Bob and Barclay reference, hooray.

PCS- 5:something- Selanne PP goal. Fuck Detroit.

PCS- 2:00- Manny just drank Bertuzzi's milkshake on the breakaway. He drank it up.

Chia- 2:00- I'm just glad he didn't decide to plow him. He looked scary coming up the middle.

Chia- 1:30- Checking around the net, brought it down. Manny wasn't in it.

Chia- 0:00- The Blues have kept the game close enough to stick it through.

Blues are doing alright. We're still in the game after two with the Ducks. God, a while ago that wouldn't have meant much. "Which is the big Johnson?"- Scott from CA "The Blues have the big Johnson" -Jef