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Blues At Canadiens Live Blog

David Perron is a touch excited to be in Montreal.

By Brad Lee

We've had the Cam Cam. Tonight's Blues game will be all about Perronography.

The media in Montreal is buzzing about local boy (literally) David Perron's first game against the Canadiens. According to Jeremy Rutherford:

Blues rookie David Perron is being treated like a Beatle here in Montreal. The native of nearby Sherbrooke, Quebec, was on every television screen in town last night, and today he must have done 15 interviews at the Bell Centre, bouncing back and forth between French and English.

You may have also heard that the annual Blues rookie dinner was Sunday night in Montreal. The bill: $39,000 with Perron's share about $13,000 of that total. It's good to be a first-round NHL draft pick. Hopefully the team won't still be drunk/stuffed from the meal. By the way, with or without Blues staffers traveling with the team, that bill is at least $1,000 a person. The Sizzler in Montreal must be really, really expensive.

Rutherford also mentions that Jay McKee is back after a bruise in his foot. That sends Roman Polak and all his jokes back to Peoria. Ryan Johnson is back after taking time to be with his ailing father and Emmanuel Legace is thrown to the wolves in goal against the No. 1 power play unit in the entire NHL. Sweet.

We're back at the helm of this motley ship of fools. Join us for a rousing then probably shifting to depressing live blog tonight when the game begins at 6:30 STL time on the FSN.


We're here and we're less than bilingual. Sorry, Habs fans.

By the way, if you want to step over to the other side of the fence as was mentioned in the comments, our friends to the north, Four Habs Fans, have an open thread pretty much making fun of our hockey team and calling them shitty. Fuck NAFTA, that's our job! Go back to making fun of Toronto or something, eh?

It could be interesting with all the foreigners roaming around.

If you're a new commenter, we'ell get you approved as quickly as possible and we'll try to call out when we have new ones approved. It's our way of keeping the spambots off the site. Once you're approved the first time, you're free and clear to post as much as you want, but please try to translate as much as possible to American English as possible.

The drop of the puck is almost here. I can feel another Blues loss just around the corner. Stick around and have some fun tonight.

19:20 And we're off. Stempniak with a shot early. He must not have sobered up from all the alcohol the other night.

18:08 I love Boyes. Thought we should get that out on the table for our northern friends.

17:45 Blues vs. Habs are 25-70-something. Thanks for increasing the confidence level.

Perron just passed to Stastny. Last time he does that tonight.

Does Montreal have any players named Smith or Jones? I'm going to have to look up the spelling for more than half their players.

16:42 Sack of Koivu going to the box for interference (setting a pick). The frog eaters are aghast. How can you call a penalty on a guy who beat cancer like that? The ref has no heart.

16:20 Blues getting a two-man advantage. And Federko just reminded everyone as I was typing it that the Blues have one fucking goal on the 5-3. This will end well. They can't even pass the puck between the points without clearing the zone.

15:15 JOHNSON SCORES! Holy. Shit. Habs fans, do a shot.

I was just getting ready to type, "The Blues slow it down," Kelly said. If they slowed it down any more, they'd have lawn chairs out there.

14:30 Can any of our visitors explain the love for Perron for this game? Aren't there a lot of guys from around Montreal getting drafted and playing in the NHL? Please translate. Thanks.

And Backes and Markov going to the box. Hate the diving call along with the penalty. Second stupidest rule in the NHL besides the instigator.

Scot C Says:

What does BOOOOOOOO mean in french?
I think in Montreal it's spelled Beauuuuuuuuux or something.

By the way, we have 62 comments by the first commercial break. Our server is probably already starting to smoke.

12:19 We missed a good 20 seconds of game play while Bernie was coloring outside the lines with his telestrator. Thanks FSN!

11:30 Do you think Perron's family and friends when they see him playing with D.J. King cry into their mayonaise-covered fries?

25Cups Says:

Blues miss Scotty Bowman as their Coach.
1. Thanks for rubbing it in with the screen name.

2. Bowman will forever be remembered as a Red Wings coach more than a Blues coach.

3. Fuck Detroit.

9:00 Tkachuk's family is at the game from Boston. Do you think they're wearing Montreal hats? (World Series reference, Habs fans. We know baseball confuses you.)

8:32 Much rejoicing in Montreal. Game now tied 1-1. Christopher Higgins. Most normal name on the Canadiens. Is he American?

I LOVED Ron Caron even though he screwed the team's chances with the big Butcher/Quinn trade. I hate seeing what has happened to him with the stroke and living now in a nursing home. I have a puck autographed by him.

6:00 Guy Carbonneau is 48? Didn't he play for the Blues like six years ago? Ok, it may have been longer ago than that.

5:22 Jay McClement on a 3-2 is going to work as often as Legace scoring on a 3-2.

Higgins just missed his second.

4:54 Another Blues power play coming up. Holy crap, it's a competitive game! Congratulations, strange visitors from a strange land.

4:27 We missed the faceoff again because of a replay. And McDonald should have put it over the sprawled goaltender. Damn.

Tim Says:

So, the Habs have a guy named for the soup cube?

I keep thinking that when I hear Boulion. Or however you spell it.
What are the Habs fans singing, the Ole' soccer song? Ok, they stopped. That was odd.

2:58 Eric Brewer might be the slowest shooter in the NHL. When he winds up, the forward almost ALWAYS steps up and blocks it. He let the Habs player get so close, he hit him with his stick.

:30 Erik Johnson going to the box for holding. He'll at least have his breath when he does the TV interview.

Twenty five percent of their goals have come with the man advantage? That's insane.

Ryan Johnson could have double digits in blocks if Montreal gets lots of power plays.

END OF THE FIRST, tied 1-1.

We'll let you know when the second period post is up.