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Blues At Canadiens Second Period

Proof that Canadien fans smell a little funky.

By Brad Lee

Sorry Habs fans. When you do an image search for "Canadiens suck," this is about the only thing that comes up. I thought about cropping that little blue weed down in the corner, but I thought that makes it funnier.

Tied 1-1. Let's see where this thing goes.

103 comments through one period. Hate to break it to you Canadien fans, but the live blog for the not so mighty Ducks game Saturday had 130.

Hey Blues organization, put more hot chicks in the front row:

Hellllllllllo Habs fans.

Canadiens fans can buy a brick in their new Centennial Plaza. I bet there will be at least a dozen Leafs fan bricks ripping Montreal. How will anyone read them when they're under a half meter of snow?

19:15 Noel Picard in the announcing booth. I wish he knew English. Shouldn't he swallow that oatmeal in his mouth?

We kid, we kid. Great guy.

HabsFan29 Says:

assorted answers from the 1st period live blog:

yes, we sing the Ole soccer song. all the time. reminds us we’re not North American. or something.

re Perron - Montrealers like ANY francophone playing anywhere.

What is this baseball thing of which you speak? i remember something, in a big concrete stadium, before some U.S art dealers got involved…
We thank the kind fans of Montreal for clearing some things up. Singing a soccer song at a hockey game kills me.

17:09 Picard took some English classes in the summer? His grades must have looked like mine in French class.

15:57 Perron with a chance. Picard wants him to score. So do most of the 20-something girls in the greater Montreal area.

Probably the most famous photo of Noel Picard. Ever. Sorry Blues fans.

That's Picard with the grimace.

25Cups Says:

Eric Brewer is overrated.
This is probably the most unintentionally funny thing ever written on this site. Most Blues fans really, really, really, REALLY do not like Captain Roboto, Eric Brewer.

14:08 The announcers on the STL broadcast haven't mentioned anything about the game in a good three minutes of game action while talking to Picard. The last thing they talked about was Perron and then the Jackman shot that was blocked.

Chris Gift Says:

Perron says to Jannsen "Yeah, I’m nervous, I only get to play a game in my hometown once every three years."

Jannsen says "I know how you feel."
Now that's a funny line right there. Cam Jannsseenn has played what, three games as a Blue?

12:20 One of the last times Picard was in St. Louis, he said something about, "Tell the beautiful people in St. Louis hello. And the beautiful peoeple of East St. Louis as well (that's where all the strip clubs are).

12:18 Perron in the box serving the too many men on the ice. I can imagine the announcers saying, "He's in the penalty box he grew up dreaming about feeling shame in."

10:28 Koivu strikes. Shit. 2-1. "This is a really lucky goal," Federko said. Does that mean it only counts like half a regular goal? Must be a French rule.

Three Blues players went to one guy and Koivu just sat there waiting for the puck to come to him. That's not luck. That's over pursuit.

9:41 ANDY MCDONALD! 2-2! I almost forgot he was still on the team. HORRIBLE pass by Brewer that Federko called nice. Halak didn't think McDonald could dig the puck out of his skates.

8:54 Small St. Louis rant coming. At Blues home games there is a (Tkachuk just hit the crossbar. Drink up Montrealers!) a douche bag who waves a towel and has the crowd count with him after Blues goals. He does this during play. And several times the Blues have allowed a goal while the fans randomly cheered and counted. If the Canadiens had a similar douche bag, you could have blamed that goal on him. Instead, you have to blame your shitty backup goaltender. Have fun dealing with that one.

7:50 Woywitka is in the box by the way. Probably for being one of the throw-in guys for Chris "I Enjoy Traditional Irish Dancing" Pronger.

7:23 Canadiens haven't won a division title since 1992? Damn. I bet you like the Lightning as much as us Cardinal fans like the Florida Marlins.

6:25 "It was great seeing Noel Picard," Kelly said. Bernie probably felt the same way. Finally an announcer he sounds better than.

5:56 The Habs backup goalie, Halak. Why does he have Patrick Roy on the side of his mask holding up a Stanely Cup (Coupe)? Isn't that sacriligious or something? Way to jinx the team, Jaroslav.

5:16 Lee Stempniak will not score more than a single goal if he continues playing with Ryan Johnson. Bank it.

4:41 "Ryan Johnson wide open! (pause) And he just missed it," Kelly said. The net? The offensive zone? The province of Quebec?

4:03 I LOVE BOYES! No. 38 on the season. Hey, we've got one player we can get behind.

Boyes ignored on the doorstep, Kariya found him. Ryan Johnson might have even scored there. "Halak with no chance there," Federko said. Next game, we have an over/under on how long it takes him to say that.

"He's only two away from 40. Let's hope he gets there," Federko said. Way to aim high, HOFer. And I guess on this team, it's not a sure thing.

2:22 By the way, the score is 3-2 Blues. I usually remember to do that for anyone coming through reading after the game. And also to rub it in for the Habs fans.

Blues had a 3-1 going the other way...and they're calling a closing the hand on the puck call. I revise my earlier statement about the second worst rule in the league.

1:37 Montreal 1-3 on the PP. They're due.

1:00 I enjoy hearing the announcer say there's one minute left in the period except I couldn't actually understand the words that were coming out of his mouth. The end of period announcement is something that goes beyond language, uniting us all.

END OF PERIOD. Blues lead 3-2 after two. Wow.

Sphincters in the Montreal dressing room and across Quebec are puckering up right now.