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Blues At Canadiens Third Period

David Backes and Jaroslave Halak.

By Brad Lee

Blues up 3-2 starting the third. Somehow with only one win in the last month, we're not very confident about this situation. Canadiens will get at least two more power plays, especially if they're still losing. Blues will be in full protect the lead, don't dare forecheck, four guys stay in the defensive zone mode.

I'd like to introduce our to our French Canadian friends Answer Man. He's a columnist for us. He LOVES European players. Wait, that didn't come out right. You know Don Cherry? The AM is kind of like an Americanized Don Cherry without the suits. I'm sure he looooooves the Canadiens roster.

St. Louis Game Time: Uniting Cultures Since 2005.

By the way Canadiens fans, let me tell you the quick back story in case you didn't click the about us. When the Blues are at home, the Game Time staff puts out a fan-run newspaper/program that we sell on street corners outside the building. We're like hookers, except our vendors are more homeless looking. Anway, this Web site is our online home. Pierre actualy wrote something for the game against Montreal last year.

Thanks for hanging out during the game.

20:00 Blues shorthanded to start the period.

18:49 For once, another team is changing up lines to match the Blues. Andy Murray is freaking obsessed with this.

Every shot from here on in, we flinch. Guaranteed.

18:09 Nice bounce off the boards (probably U.S. made) and Backes should have gotten a better scoring chance.

17:34 Boyes with a shot wide. Blues getting more chances than we thought they would.

They're showing the Rocket Richard's picture. Scary looking dude. How many people did he murder in Montreal dark alleys? That guy looks crazier than Tie Domi. And I say that with the utmost respect.

16:05 Blues players standing around too much...and now they've taken a penalty. Crap.

15:45 My not yet three-year-old daughter just mentioned something about Hannah Montana. Oh. Dear. God.

14:33 Only 39 seconds left in the power play. Not scared at all. Nope.

13:24 Canadiens score. They act like they just won a game in overtime or something. Act like you've been there before. Pricks.

Game tied 3-3.

25Cups Says:

Grabs from small tits ! 3-3
Your culture interests me and scares me, both at the same time.

So what is the beer of choice in Montreal?

Federko just mentioned the ingredients to the game for the Blues: Disciplined hockey, control the pace, bear down and get the win. WTF? Shouldn't we have known this in the first period? What, did they forget it or something?

"Who's the sponsor? Aww, I can't find it. To Hell with it."

Paul Goodloe Says:

Bernie, why do we "desperately" need a win? The season is over cha-cha. War Uncle Jesse.
Hey Paul, the Blues are still mathematically in it for the playoffs. Duh. You get your Playoff Push ticket package yet?

11:09 The fans were singing the soccer song again. Do they do the wave like the morons in Vancouver too?

Another Youppi sighting. Shouldn't he be in Washington D.C. with the rest of the Expos organization?

9:30 Man, I wish the Blues and Habs played more often. This has been honestly fun. And credit Jay McKee with a save.

6:50 Still tied 3-3. Topic for our visitors: How I see hockey fans in Canada.

Canuck fans: Morons. Spend too much time on the Internet. The NHL version of Star Wars fans.

Calgary fans: They'd rather be at a rodeo.

Winnipeg fans: Committed suicide about a decade ago.

Leafs fans: Front runners. Love to feel tortured. The Cubs fans of the NHL.

Sens fans: Drug addicts, like Emery. Also, they only care if the Sens beat Toronto. And Buffalo. Don't actually believe they'll ever win a cup.

Habs fans: The past is as important as the future. Die hards. Tend to believe the game belongs to them.

6:21 Backup goalie Jay McKee going to the box.

5:36 26 blocked shots in the game? Really?

And how can you be offsides shorthanded? Doesn't compute.

4:47 The White Jamal Mayers dumped it in for the Habs. Luckily, Blues cleared.

4:04 Bobby Hull does not dye his hair. He buys it in a store and wears it like a hat.

How will the Blues blow this one? Is anyone even reading the blog, or just the comments?

2:40 Tkachuk with a shot. And then checked. Has he even been playing tonight? Don't remember seeing/hearing his name the entire game.

1:39 Montreal nearly won it on a shot from near the dot. I gasped like a little girl.

:53 "Go Habs Go!" At least it's hockey related.


YEAH! The Blues get...a point.

What the hell. They're just going to blow it in OT or the shootout.

It sucks to be "rooting" for the Blues in these meaningless games.

4:35 Blues with kind of a chance. Now they're doing the singalong from the Blues Brothers movie. That's a Chicago thing. It sucks.

I just got the Hrabosky reference.

3:51 Why are the Habs fans booing Kariya? Are they upset he's stealing $6 million from the Blues this year too?

And Perron is sitting next to D.J. King on the bench. Doesn't look good for the rookie getting in there.

3:15 Andre Tits with the wraparound try. "Tkachuk almost got a shot on goal," Kelly said. Well good for him.

2:40 Remember when Alex Kovalev was good? I think it was before Y2K.

2:06 Thanks, Boyes, for waiting for like three full seconds before shooting so that the defenseman could skate into position, turn his pads toward you and start to cover his nether regions.


:47 Why is the White Jamal Mayers (Ryan Johnson) on the ice in overtime? Fuck you, Andy Murray. Put Perron out there.

Now that's comedy right there. And Bob Plager still scores more tail in this town than any Blues player.


"This crowd is pretty excited this game is going to a shootout," Federko chuckled. Doubt it. Canadien fans hate change. I bet the whole crowd is getting up and leaving right now.

Perron needs to be in the lineup.

Round 1

Perron (getting booed, surprisingly): Deke, forehand, hit the post. Nothing there anyway. He didn't lift it at all. He would have scored if he did.

Koivu: Legace deked the fuck out, shot wide. Fuck, that should be a goal. He can beat cancer, but not Legace.

Round 2

Boyes: Backhander IN THE BACK OF THE NET!

Andrei Tits: Horrible deke. Put it right into Legace's pads.

Round 3:

Kariya: Odd deke, stutter step, Halak stayed with it. No goal.

Kovalev: SHOVELED IT WIDE! Hearts break across Montreal!

Paul Goodloe Says:

I will shit myself if the Blues win this shootout.
Don't squeeze the Charmin.

Blues win 4-3 scoring the only goal in the shootout. Amazing.

Thanks to all the Habs fans. We might just have to adopt a certain red, white and blue team for the playoffs since we'll be sitting around watching from the outside for the third year in a row.

Don't be strangers. This was great. We'll be back up for Thursday night's live blog against the Senators.

See you later, figure skaters.

(160 comments in the third period, overtime and shootout alone. You people blow my mind.)

"After this feeling, I wonder why we don't win more often. This feels awesome," Boyes says, tongue firmly in cheek on the postgame show.