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We Missed You?

Probably a better greeting than they deserve.

By Brad Lee

Hello St. Louis Blues! You've been gone so long. Welcome home from your business trip. What did you bring me?

Wait. What's this? You go out on the road for 20 stinking days and over nine games you bring home one friggin' win? One. How the hell am I supposed to react to that? You want me to miss you while you're gone yet I hear stories about $39,000 dinners and extravagent plane trips from Southern California to Montreal. I saw on the FSN how you guys are watching movies and playing cards on the plane -- a chartered plane. And I'm sure you didn't stay at the Motel 6 in Ottawa or the Super 8 in Calgary. Yeah, you guys were roughing it alright.

And don't even try convincing me overtime losses in Edmonton and Chicago are half as good as wins. Nope, not buying it. You skipped the kids' Easter egg hunt to give up the lead in the last minute of the game? Against the Hawks? Please. You should be happy I'm not on the phone with a divorce attorney, which I now have on speed dial.

Next time you go on the road, I want effort. Bring me something you can't buy at an airport or hotel gift shop. Show me you value this relationship and that we truly do have a future together. Please, Blues, show me you care. Is that too much to ask?