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You Wore What To The Blues Game? III

By Brad Lee

Man, I love my Red Wingz. I've been a huge fan my whole life! Well at least since they started winning in the 1990s. But living in East St. Louis, it is damn hard making it up to our shithole arena. So to see my Wingz, I have to go to Bluz games! But that's ok. With my new personalized jersey, I'm totally going to rub it in their face that we've won like 100 Stanley Cupz! But I have to have the right wordz on the back. Hmmmm. Letz see...

  • We Win Cupz And Youz Don't!

  • Hockeytown!

  • I Hate The Bluz!

  • Beware The Wingz!

Damn. This is hard. I need the right phrase that lets Bluz fans know they suk! Wait, that's it! Excelsior!

Wingz fanz iz zo funny         !

(Tip of the hat to GT contributor Adam Duke for the photo)