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Blues At Wings Live Open Blog Thread

Darren McCarty punishes Claude Lemieux.

By Brad Lee

Well the big rematch between the best team in the league and the 27th best team (don't worry, they could be 28th soon!) is tonight at the rundown Joe Louis Arena. The fellow in the red and white sweater is Darren McCarty who makes his return to Murder City after four years of playing in Calgary, Flint and the local rehab league. The Blues are "excited" to see him.

"It's great to see a name like McCarty back in the lineup," Dan Hinote (who will return from a rib injury tonight) said. "He's done a lot for the Detroit organization and a player that I looked up to when I was coming up through the ranks. To go what he's been through and battle your way throuh hell to get back in the NHL, it's a testament to his character. It's no big surprise...playing against him, you realize he's that type of guy. It's great to see his name back on that board."

The Blues expect McCarty to be "wired up" and hope they can bait him into some penalties.

"He's going to run around, he's going to hit," Hinote said. "But that's right up our alley too. That's the game we want to play. So more power to him and it's going to be a fun night."
Jay McKee is back, so no more Roman Polack jokes unless you attend some Rivermen games. Legace is expected to start in net with Toivonen probably for Saturday against the Hawks. Former Blues captain Dallas Drake will be honored for playing in his 1,000th NHL game.

With working on the paper for Saturday night and family obligations, we don't know how much of the game will be live blogged. We had a backup lined up, but that's not going to happen. Gift might do a period. So we'll see what happens. Have fun in the comments.