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Notes From A Good Loss…

By Sean Gallagher

You know, sometimes when you talk to a guy about the website as much as I talk to Brad about this one, you assume that the other guy is going to do something that he assumes you are going to do. And then the game starts and you think to yourself, "Oh fuck Detroit, I didn't tell him I wasn't going to be able to open a game thread." And he's all, "I told him I'd be working in the basement and watching the baseketball game, so I'm glad he's going to set up the open thread."

Sorry, all.

That said, I'm probably a little too drunk right now to put together a cohesive piece about the Blues 4-3 loss to the Blackhawks tonight, but quite a few thoughts are banging around in my head and luckily enough, I have this outlet.

First of all, I'm on record now that I really hope that this Blues/Blackhawks rivalry gets fired up again, but quick. I'm also on record as saying that of all of the opponents that come into our building, I actually like Blackhawks fans the best. There are a few reasons:

  • They buy our paper.

  • They seem to have a good sense of the history of hate our teams have between them.

  • Their trash talk is pretty good.

  • They're pretty funny, actually.

That said, I saw plenty of what I'd call 'good' Blackhawks fans and plenty of 'bad' Blackhawks fans. The dividing line that I saw most obviously? Older Hawks fans = good. The group of retarded college students from U of Illinois who didn't know jack nor shit about their team, the game or, well, anything else about hockey other than to keep yelling, 'Scoreboard!' when talked to = bad.

Dumbest. College. Students. Ever.

Seriously, old guys, teach the new guys. Kill the retarded ones. Move on.

Secondly, old guys, teach some of the old guys, too. I liked the Mikita jerseys. I likes the Roenick jerseys. Hell, I even liked the Dirk Graham jersey. I did not like this one:

Honey, where is my basehockeyball jersey? And my mock turtleneck?

The detail of our latest sasquatchian phote doesn't do this justice, but the pinstripes are clearly visable through the logo and the words. Weak. Very weak.

Third, telling a fuckstick sorority girl wearing her Delta Gamma/Delta Tau Delta Blackhawks t-shirt with the logo, "our high sticks will get us two minutes in the box" to go ahead and "enjoy your date rape later," might sound harsh, but I gotta tell you, in person, that shit is funny.

Fourth, if I were to raise a daughter who would wear a shirt in public that said some douchewad frat boy was going to get two minutes in her box, I would have to Honor Kill her. Only kind of a joke. Especially since most of those lobotomized frat boys couldn't find the seats their tickets were for. And yes, I'm talking mainly about you, low-rent Johnny Depp wannabe with the stupid hat and way more stupider brain. It's not too late for your family to Honor Kill you, y'know.

Fifth, I had a great time at the game. In fact, it's the most fun I've ever had at a loss in any sport. The Blues made a late rush to close the gap, and while this was our now 21st game that was lost by one goal and therefore a bit disappointing, there was a lot of electricity in the air, especially in the third period. Near fights in the stands, fights on the ice, tons of banter and thrown beer cups. My section had the security tossing people out twice and loads of trash rained down on the idiot younger Hawks fans who don't even remember when Chelios and Belfour and Roenick were about the most hated people on earth here in St. Louis.

I would have loved to have our guys get that one last goal to tie things up, but all in all, if we have to lose, at least we had an entertaining game.

Oh, and lastly, the Hawks may be one year ahead of us in the rebuilding process, but it took them at least 10 years longer to get there.