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You Write The Comedy Monday

By Brad Lee

Wife: "Honey, these front row tickets next to the glass are AMAZING! You can see and hear everything. It's like we're sitting on the ice. Sometimes I forget the glass is even there!"

Husband: "You're not kidding. This is great! Kids, tonight anything you want, you got. How about some ice cream!"

Son: "I want a chocolate-covered ice cream bar!"

Daughter: "I want Dippin' Dots, the ice cream of the future!"

Husband: "Whatever my loving children want, tonight you get! Just make sure when you're eating it, you're careful not to get any on your clothes. Meanwhile, I'm going to have another beer. Hey, I think those guys are coming right at us."

Jay McKee and Brent Seabrook collide. Heart attack ensues.

Your caption suggestions in the comments.