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Writing Comments Can Get You Noticed

Can't recommend Deadspin highly enough.

By Brad Lee

In case you're one of the thousands of people who visit this Web site (that's not a joke) and you've thought about writing a comment but never have, maybe you should reconsider it.

Last Friday, Deadspin, possibly the snarkiest and one of the most widely read independent sports blogs on the Internets, ran a link to our little site to talk about another Blues loss to the Coyotes. It's not our first link on Deadspin, but the link was interesting in that it was tied to the comments from the Phoenix open thread. In essence, Deadspin was linking directly to the folks that breath life into our site every stinking day.

What that means to us is that comments are valued and can get you noticed. One of our "regulars" (a term to be used loosely for many folks who spend so much time on the Internets like us), Goalie Guy, has contributed a few things around here and has designs on writing for our little print publication as well. But your comments also help legitimize the blog. Sites that get a lot of comments get noticed and receive an increased level of authority. Not only do we give you some entertainment and hopefully a little information and insight, but we also give you a place to voice your frustration with Andy Murray, type curse words in all capital letters while losing 2-0 to San Jose and link a picture to a cartoon depicting diarehea to describe the Blues' current season.

In other words, thanks for commenting as much as you folks do and comment away if you haven't before (the approval is mainly to block spam sites and goofballs who are fixated on the organ at the game).