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Blues At Canucks Third Period

Roberto LuongoRoberto Luongo's grandfather?

Well we've actually got a fun game on our hands. It's almost weird to be drinking the sixth beer of the game already.

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And we'll get going here in just a second.

And I apologize for cropping out Luongo's hot wife. But I figured she would distract from the comparison.

20:00 McDonald, Kariya and Backes start the third. Boyes just said, "Murray, what the fuck do I need to do?"

19:38 Ryan Kesler looks like a tough guy pushing around Paul Kariya. Memo to D.J. King: eat his liver.

18:52 Mayers just shot the puck and barely hit the corner. He almost hit the boards where they're still flat on the sides. He must think he's the White Jamal Mayers or something.

17:50 You think Perron is going to get a shit ton more of playing time with Boyes clicking on a line with him and Stempniak?

Wait until you read the soothsaying draft analysis of our Prospect Department tomorrow. It's like he's using black magic or something.

16:00 While this game is fun to watch, it's a tad frustrating realizing that this group of Boyes has this in them and doesn't deliver this kind of work ethic and intensity night in and night out. Fuckers.

Chris D. Says:

the line of kariya, mcdonald and rj looks like a turd sandwitch
I was going to say they look like a giant douche, but whatever.

14:50 Perron still needs to learn how to clear the zone properly.

14:27 Captain Roboto goes to the box for slowing his man down without the puck. The kids are calling that interference these days. In my day we used to call that good defense.

14:03 Ryan Johnson with another painful block. That guy is a puck magnet. He used to date Erin Andrews, you know. Allegedly.

13:06 If I bought my wife a ticket to "Ladies and Left Wings," she'd probably divorce me.

11:33 Woywitka going to the box again for trying to make up with another mistake. Wish he had been doing some more on the job training in the NHL longer than this. He could be a decent defenseman with some experience. Plus having two guys on the team from the Pronger trade would totally rock.

Chris D. Says:

then king and then another crap player like rucinsky so we can see linglet or someone come up and get some ice time
Prediction time: Charles Linglet will never play a game in the NHL wearing the Blue Note. If they felt he was ready/able to contribute, he would have been here already.

Not saying they're right, just saying their view on him is easy to figure out based on him not playing at all here. Whitfield got called up before him.

11:19 Thank you one of the Sedin twins for taking a penalty.

10:03 Backes seems to be playing with some confidence.

And I can't believe they keep running promos for the Fan Show, possibly one of the worst local TV shows ever produced here in the Gateway City.

And Bernie just used the term Big Walt. That felt a little weird.

9:31 If Stempniak wasn't cursed, the Blues would have the lead. Missed a great chance.

9:13 Tripping on a Blue. DAMMIT. Bernie said they have to win this one.

Roberto Luongo and the girl he goes five hole on.

She's probably better looking than this screen grab. Sorry, I don't have Hi Def STILL (and this game ain't in hi def anyway).

7:50 I HATE when Legace is looking around for the puck after a big shot.

And because I still have this photo in my photobucket account, here's a screen grab from my favorite Blues commercial, courtesy of the Pink Gallion Galleon.

That's what I call a nice rack.

You should have seen the wife's reaction to that one being on the camera.

5:20 I'm eating luke warm chicken fried rice drinking my seventh beer and live blogging a hockey game at 11:20 on a Saturday night. And I suddenly realize what Dooks is saying about the chick in the Dobbs commercial looking like Skeletor.

I need to rethink some life decisions.

4:12 Brad Fucking Isfuckingbister scores the go ahead goal off the cycle. His fifth of the year. He was parke right on the left side of the doorstep.

And I have to admit, I love the new tradition of typing, "Fuck Detroit" after the opposition scores. A helluva lot better than throwing a fucking octapus on the ice.

3:12 Apparently Jackman has gotten into the head of Kesler. He just elbowed Jax in the head drawing the penalty. And when Bernie Federko is saying you made a stupid play, it's a stupid play.

Paul Kariya figurine, the only playere in a Blues uniform that the real Kariya is taller than.

3:03 AND THEY'RE DOING THE MOTHERFUCKING WAVE IN VANCOUVER. They're only winning by one, they're shorthanded late, they MUST win this game.

Morons. Fucking morons.

1:28 I don't care if the Blues lose this game. Jackman stopping the shot in front of the empty net is a victory in my book.

:27 Another Vancouver penalty. And I agree with Kelly, great play by Stempniak to realize the penalty was coming and played the puck long.

One of the Sedins is in the box.

:4.5 Fucking empty net. 4-2 Nucks.

As we've said a few times, these losses don't really bother me but I'm not rooting for them to loose. And this was such a close game. A good game. This one is a little disappointing.


I like how the Blues gave Emmanuel some love coming off the ice. He obviously deserved better.

Only nine "Fuck Detroits" tonight fellas. Sorry. Not even halfway to the GT site record.

Well we might check in with some postgame show comments. We might go to bed. It depends.

We'll be back tomorrow with a few things, one of them about how smart we are. Maybe something else. We'll definitely be back Monday night for the game in Calgary. That's pronounced Cal-Gary if you're Kelly Chase.

See you later, figureskaters.

And five minutes after the Blues leave the ice, the Blues' pregame show is Two And A Half Men. Fuck Charlie Sheen right in the elbow. What really sucks is the Hockey Night In Canada postgame show is blacked out. Fuckers.