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You Win Some, You Lose Some

By Brad Lee

It's probably a good thing that we've adopted two playoff teams this year since the Blues are already on the golf course for the third postseason in a row. Because when something like this happens:

Enjoy the playoff success now Red Wings. You're not winning it all.

we've always got this to fall back on:

How we wish the Blues had a young goaltender to get behind in the playoffs.

In case you were watching something else (like new episodes of The Office) or you don't have NHL Center Ice (how you survive, we'll never know), the Canadiens dominated the poor Bruins 4-1. Both the Tits brothers scored -- even before the Bruins registered a shot on net! Alexei Kovalev and the high-powered Canadiens power play were pretty much held in check, but apparently neither were really needed for Montreal to get its ninth win of the season over Boston.

Of course the story wasn't as bright and happy in Detroit. Any story with the headline "Red Wings dominate Predators in opener" just isn't going to be very positive. Of course Detroit benefitted from a questionable call. Tied 1-1 in the third period, the Predators appeared to clear the zone, but the linesman ruled the puck stayed in the zone which then led to Zetterburg's game-winning goal.

''We cleared the puck and it look like it hit the linesman and came back in,'' Nashville coach Barry Trotz said. ''I looked at it again on replay and from my judgment, it looked fairly clear.

''Usually in that situation, the linesmen or the referee blow that to not give an unfair advantage.''

Zetterberg said the puck stayed in the Nashville zone, but did acknowledge getting a break.

''I think it was a lucky bounce,'' said Zetterberg, who added an empty-net goal with 19 seconds left. ''I think it hit the ref and went straight to my stick.

''That's the kind of bounces you need in the playoffs. We had them with us tonight.''
We'll see what kind of moxy the Predators have in Game 2.

By the way, I've now figured out what I'm going to wear while the Canadiens are still alive in the playoffs. My wife may have to tell me what's going on during the game, however.

Call me Crazy Cup Head! Now give me some candy!