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Hey AM, Who Are You Pulling For?

Put your girl hands up Frenchie

By The Answer Man

I have changed my Answer Mind on the playoffs. Even though they lost game 2, I’m pulling for the Flames. Why, you ask? It is because the team has grit, hitters and scoring.

One other positive, their captain is awesomely awesome. I made up a new term to define a player like that. That word is "Awesomeivity". What does Awesomeivity mean? Awesomeivity is defined by extreme bouts of courage, speed, punching, strength, discipline, air guitar, low body fat percentage, camo, hockey sense and an attitude that says, "Hey, get on my back. I’m carrying this thing to the end." Yeah, pretty sweet huh? Take a look at the picture above. This is their "go to guy". Iginla. He beats up on the Frenchies too. Big positive in my book.

The Flames are coached by someone who is hated in this town for what he did to the Blues. I can look past that now. Mainly because the Blues jerseys were so ugly at that time. I doubt anyone was thinking straight. Their GM is a throwback to what I consider to be a beautifully violent time in the league where people stood up for each other at the right time and Euros knew their place. In Europe.

Lastly, did you ever see the sweet assed video the Flames did in the 80’s for their song Red Hot? If not, here is a link:

I must warn you, especially the ladies. It is pretty sweet. There is some horn work. I like horn work (that’s what she said) and some really bitchin’ moustaches and I mean REALLY bitchin’. The best way to view this video is shirtless and either doing a military press or some hammer curls, you pick.

Speaking of sweet video, check out the hit that changed the series. This is from last night's game. WOW, this was a doozie. I'm "engorged" if you know what I mean?

Go Flames! The Answer Man Crew has your back. Don’t let us down. We will be rocking our new GT Gear (the double logo T) while we cheer you on to victory.