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In Accordance With Prophesy…

By Sean Gallagher

Since they can't start the Shooter Tutor, the Wings are stuck with Osgood.The Red Wings are in the midst of a goalie controversy. In the playoffs. Like we all said would happen. Hell, even Red Wings fans said this would happen. To which we say, Ha Fucking Ha.

What's worse, the Wings, who have lost confidence in future Hall of Famer Dominik Hasek's ability to stop letting in goals in rapid succession to the lowly eighth seed Predators, are now turning to Chris Osgood to save their asses and become the difference in a series that is spinning out of their control.

Ha Fucking Ha.

Chris Osgood, the man commonly referred to as the worst netminder to win a Stanley Cup, is expected to be the big stopper who is going to get the unbeliveably awesome Red Wings super cool unstoppable President's Trophy jinx be damned, cuz we're awesome juggernaut past those cute, scrappy, but easily beatable Predators.

Ha Fucking Ha.

Even if the Wings do win two of the next three games, which they should, this goalie controversy came about two weeks earlier than expected. Extrapolating that out, the Wings inevitable implosion and subsequent annual "Blame The Goaltending" campaign should be beginning about three weeks earlier than hoped.

As John Kelly would say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Too bad those dumbfucks don't have a more capable back-up like, oh I don't know, Manny Legace.

Ha. Fucking. Ha.