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I’m Hot To Trotz

Danny De Vito's younger brother. I SWEAR.

By Brad Lee

Just when I think I'm out, they drag me back in. I can't believe they gave me an extension.

Granted, these redneck hicks from Appalachia don't know the difference between hockey and curling, but I think they expect an appearance in the second round of the playoffs at least once every nine seasons. We can't just keep hauling up "First Round Playoff Appearance" banners in our arena every year. It'd be nice to win the division (fuck Detroit) or make it to the second round for a change.

Damn. I thought I was finally going to escape all the bad country music around here. You go to a coffee shop and the waiter has a steel guitar strapped to his back, ready to bust it out for a record producer who just wants an overpriced latte and to be left alone. And the out of work singers almost always get some sequins in the soup.

I was kind of hoping to hit the free agent market. You think that one Sutter brother in Calgary is going to keep Keenan around? Hell and no. Let's see Iron Mike get 91 points out of this bunch of unwashed, no deodorant-wearing Euro players. You win with Legwand and Dumont and Erat, that's just good coaching. That says to me that Trotz is hot shitz. I should put that on a bumper sticker.

I guess having some certainy is a good thing, like knowing the Predators won't be leaving Nashville for at least one more season.