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Worst Idea Ever Continues: Round Two

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By Sean Gallagher

Need another reason to hate them?I don't know what compels me to spout stupid ideas off every time they hit my beer-weakened brain, but I really need to install some sort of filter that keeps the dumbest of the dumb ideas from being uttered. Especially around that Brad Lee.

I really do root against the Red Wings, but not in such an active manner that I actually watch their games. In fact, I spend more time actively avoiding all things Detroit and their hockey team than I ever would spend learning about them. I mean, any time I do hear something about Detroit, it's usually more depressing than your average amount of depressing. Even God hates Detroit.

So I'm really regretting agreeing to this ridiculous plan of rooting against the Wings until they are eliminated.

To be honest, I thought that whenever they ran up against the Ducks or the Sharks, the Wings were toast. Even if they managed to get past one of those teams, they'd be so beaten down that the other one would surely finish off the ancient Wings.

Well, the Ducks, we now know, suck. And the Sharks haven't exactly been as impressive as, well, as real sharks in California have been lately. I think even the Flames would have given them a hard time, but they're gone now, too. And I don't think the Avalanche have the ability to beat the Wings in seven games. And I don't think the Stars can do it either.

Suddenly, the road to the Stanley Cup Finals looks a lot easier for the Wings that I thought it would be.


Heading into Game 2 with a loss under their belt and an inevitably broken Peter Forsberg in the press box (seriously, didn't everyone know this was coming? The guy pulled his own groin again? How fucking brittle can one man be?), the Avs are being forced to look to admitted Propecia abuser Jose (still not Hispanic) Theodore to start playing like Patrick Roy to help them beat a stronger Detroit team. By the way, Patrick Roy lost to the Red Wings in his last playoff game before retirement, so they might want to start using a different example.

Yuck. Besides, Patrick is too busy trying to launch his kid's "music" career. Which seems like will be taking quite a bit of effort.

Go Avs?