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Blues At Predators

We feel like those girls. Ack!

By Brad Lee

The 2007-08 Blues season has officially worn me out. I got nothing left.

I can't get overly upset at blowing a 3-0 lead on "national" outdoors cable television. I can't generate much spite for a backup goaltender that looks like he's scared of his own shadow. I can't even come up with anything else to really say that is witty/angry/snarky on the blog.

Brad Lee is a beaten man. Sunday afternoon with the last game of the year can't come soon enough.

Sorry that this final week of the season has been kind of a bore here on the blog. We kind of got everything out of our system hating on the Red Wings. Four games against Columbus and Nashville just doesn't give us any juice to make much of a fuss, especially with how the Blues are ending the season. So maybe it's fitting that the only blog dedicated to the St. Louis Blues is finishing the season with a whimper as well.

I have no idea if I will be back tonight with a live blog. Feel free to fire the comments up in this thread. Whatever we do for the game will start here.

And don't worry. We're not hibernating for the spring and summer. You can't get away from us that easily. We've got plans, brothers and sisters. So you keep coming back after this trainwreck has been cleared from the tracks.

PREGAME: We're going to take a shot at this, but we might have to make a pizza run.

A question to ponder: To me, Paul Kariya's time is a forgettable time. When you think of lil' No. 9 (he's scrappy, like Bo Heart Scott Spiezio David Eckstein Rico Washington!), you automatically think of his time as a Mighty Duck, his lost season with Colorado where he couldn't click with Teemu Selanne. And now with the Blues. But when it's all said and done, will his time in St. Louis be even more forgettable?


Dooks Says:

the announcers HAD to point out that Toivonen’s last win was December 7
Please Dookmeister. If they hadn't said it, I would have. Give me some credit. Ears has not been the same since the nine-goal shellacking where he was pulled, the Blues got back in the game, he gave up some more goals and was pulled again. That shit doesn't happen if Iron Mike isn't your head coach. Night and day difference with that game Dec. 9 as a bright line between playing great as a backup and totally sucking hind tit. For the record, I don't know what that phrase means, but it can't be good.

Dooks Says:

thanks for that butchering of the anthem Ms. Sara Evans….
I didn't recognize her because she wasn't showing her boobs off. They're nice. Google 'em. And she totally sucked throwing her head back and waving her arm around like she was hyperventilating.

18:24 Oh yeah, the game has started. But we understand if you switch over later and watch all the Office episodes on NBC tonight.

17:42 Fruit Euro Martin Erat has a mullet. I wonder if this scores him any points with the Answer Man? I bet he drives an import that doesn't have T-tops, so I'm guessing the answer is no.

16:30 Just so you know, the Preds win tonight and their last game this weekend and they're in the playoffs. And Gallagher has gone on record that he will root for whomever is playing the Red Wings. That would be Nashville if they qualify for the postseason. Scary thought indeed.

15:00 Remember in the preseason when everyone said the Preds would suck because they didn't re-sign anyone and were a less talented team? Uh, yeah. We might not be as smart as you thought we were.

14:04 Marek Zidlicky (I would wager he didn't grow up in Minnesota) just missed an empty fucking net. Ears was frozen in place, looking behind himself for the puck. That doesn't exactly spell confidence, you fucktard.

13:04 Here's how bad the season has gotten: I don't even remember the last live blog I did. I think it might have been 5-10 losses ago...which I guess isn't that long of a time period.

10:45 Eric Brewer just had his 1,000th shot of the season blocked. Congratulations on the milestone, Cap'n!

How could they not stop the game to honor the moment? Nashville is soooo classless.

9:50 How does an arena in Nashville have a French sounding name (so-may)? Shouldn't it be like Dolly Parton's Dixieland Dome or the Opryland Dinner Theater and Ice Show?

8:00 Oh, the Blues are on the power play. It's going swimmingly giving up just one shorthanded goal.

Ears made a save, the rebound went straight up as he slid out of the crease. Smithson hit it out of the air.

BORDERLINE high stick.

Federko, in explaining the replay said, "I'll let Toronto make the decision." No. Shit.

For the record, I think it's close, but I think it's a good goal.

Smithson hit the puck with the shaft of his stick. John Kelly says it was chest high. More like bottom of the logo height.

And the camera view from the other end of the arena got screwwed up because Federko drew all over it with the telestrator. Prick.

GOAL. Kelly says, "Wow."

1-0 playoff-bound Predators. Thirteenth allowed shorthanded goal by the Blues this year.

By the way, it's fan appreciation week. Well this fan would appreciate some more goddamn wins. Is that too much to ask? Thanks.

6:55 Blues kill off their power play. Good to see it hasn't changed since the last live blog.

This is the official end of the first period blog. I needs to pick up the pizza. Keep the comments coming. Maybe we'll have a third person around here when I get back.


17:05 Mmmmmm. Pizza.

16:11 I love mushrooms.

That's every single night.

14:37 Would rather Kariya have taken the breakaway instead of Tkachuk.

By the way, on the way to the pizza getting place, Kelly Chase on the radio said Jamal Mayers has several cuts around his eye when he "tripped on the blue line and slid face first into the boards." Mayers had injury, Chase added the insult.

John Kelly is now as big a homer as Al Hrabosky on the Cardinals. Holy shit. He just blamed the 3-0 collapse on the Preds' bench door needing 10 minutes to get fixed. Bullshit.


That really pisses me off.

13:33 I can't even be happy for Jay McClement scoring what feels like his second goal of the year.

12:42 They just showed Vince Young on the screen. Federko obviously couldn't remember his first name. Sweet.

11:42 Ears goes down early, the puck went by him and hit the post. He flinched. Kelly is doing some goalie coaching from the press box. He almost sounds frustrated with him. ALMOST.

The Blues' wives have a new cookbook out. If they make food like their husbands play hockey, the meal will start off great, get cold about halfway through and leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

And no dessert.

9:46 David Backes gives us a sliver of hope for next year. Great move towards the net and chipping in the centering pass from McDonald. Blues actually lead 2-1.

2:14 J.P. Dumont ties it with a nice shot from the point.

And to celebrate goals, they play some country-ass song about loving and wanting some more of it.

What do you think the J. and P. stand for?


Wow, the FSN is doing a Blues season retrospective. Ugh. I'd rather have a root canal than relive this shit.


The symbolic abandoning of the live blog in the third period was an homage to how the Blues treated the last third of the season. Yes, we are that clever.