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Blues Vs. Jackets Open Thread

Goodbye fans!

By Brad Lee

That smiling man waving goodbye for our younger/foreign readers is Richard M. Nixon. Kind of like the Blues' 2007-08 season, his time ended in a major disappointment with things crashing down around him. And then he put on a brave face and waved farwell. That's what we're doing today at the DrinkScotch Center, putting on a brave face and waving goodbye to hockey until October. If we stick together, we can get through this.

I promised myself I wouldn't get emotional....

If you're going, read the post below this about our little informal gathering during the intermission. Feel free to hang out here and post comments if you're watching from home. We'll have some fun stuff up for the playoffs, so make sure you keep coming back.

And we'll have a special little announcement later tonight after the game so come back for that too.