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You Wore What To The Blues Game? IV

By Brad Lee

I am a loyal reader of St. Louis Game Time. I love it! Even that one blowhard guy that rips on South County for no good reason is a pretty good read. Most of the time.

Well I'm reading on the Internets that some of the guys who put together my favorite underground, fan-run, loved by dozens hockey "paper" will be talking with readers during the intermissions during the home finale later today. That's such a good idea! Plus, I can finally find out if that Brad Lee is an Asian dude I knew in college and if Chris Gift is as big a pussy in person as he is in print. Plus, I'd like to donate to Gallagher's trust fund for his kids' education because he sure isn't paying for it with this fucking thing.

But what should I wear? It needs to show I'm a gamer and have a fight strap. But it also has to be a player that I know they feel strongly about. Got it! My game-used Sasha Khavanov! And if anyone questions my sexuality for wearing it, I'll smack my ass in their general direction and show off my copy of Game Time. That should put to rest any question about me being a Fruit Euro.

Yep, he's one of our readers.