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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2008- Who ya got?

Stanley gets the chicks too

By Chris Gift

Now that the league's second season is upon us, and a huge tournament that everybody has an opinion about just finished, how about us mother puckers do a little predicting of our own?

Nothing all that difficult here, and most importantly, no money involved- especially since if Marcus wins, we'd have to have the money wired to Sweden.

Pick the winner of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the loser (we're all losers when you think about it), and who wins the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Just remember, if you pick a fruit Euro to win the Conn Smythe, and he doesn't, we're all going to laugh at you.

I'll go first.

In a battle of the league's best uniform revision vs. the league's worst uniform revision, the Washington Capitals win the fashion show but lose the war to San Jose.

San Jose over Washington with Joe Thornton winning Conn Smythe.