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GT Guys Make Some Smartass Comments

By Sean Gallagher

They blasted Detroit again? Oh no, they di-int!While we know the headline isn't exactly groundbreaking news, and you all know how we like to be modest and not make a big deal out of our own ever-increasing influence, we had to point out our inclusion with the New York Times Slapshot Blog today.

Yes, that New York Times. And yes, we're surprised our last two contributions didn't get us univited to the party.

And while we posted this link mainly to prove to our families that something did so come of all that time driving a laptop around the living room these last three years, we also wanted to have a special place for all the droves of semi-coherent and ridiculously unfunny Red Wings fanboys to come post their coments about how mean we were to their city yet AGAIN!

We certainly hope we get a chance to work with the Times again in the future, just as we're sure they can't wait to see what kind of readership bump they get after being linked by us.