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Time To Gear Up

By Sean Gallagher

Show 'em all you get the inside jokes.We've mentioned it before. We've even made some gear before. But finally we got around to doing it the right way. We're proud to announce that through our partnership with Rinawear, a great local company known for funny and St. Louis-oriented shirts, hoodies and other gear, we can now offer very affordable Game Time logo gear (shirts start at $12.99).

Personally, we became big fans when we went into the store down on Delmar at the east end of the Loop (6104 Delmar, to be exact) and bought our own "North County Is Dangerous" t-shirt. You know, the one that made Florissant Mayor Robert Lowry so mad.

In fact, if you want to save on shipping when you pick out your GT shirt, visit their location and you can pick out the logo, the size and color you want and they'll hook you up right there. Might as well throw in a "Jesus Saves" or an "I Buy My Meth In Jeff Co" shirt while you're at it.

Anyway, we've had requests, plus we want some ourselves, and now they're available. In fact, snap a photo of yourself wearing the GT gear and email it to us and we'll make you (semi) famous. We'll post your pics here on the site and/or use them in our ads in the print paper next year. Of course, like always, more funny = more likely to get used, so use your creativity folks.

Plus, if these shirts sell, the opportunity for us to do more in the future will be there. So, you wanna see some Answer Man themed shirts? Gotta start here.

Note: we've made a permanent link to the online site down on the right under the "Links" header.