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Mark The Calendar: GT Get Together

There are 2 of these at the Morgan Ford location with GT stickers on them.It's the perfect storm, really. We like to drink. You like to drink. We all like hockey. We all like to drink.

So, fuck it. Let's get together and drink.

The GT Staff cordially invites The Internet to come hoist a few with us, lament the lack of a playoff season, revel in a future of watching great young stars wearing our jersey and to drink. (Did I mention the drinking part?)

Mark your calendars and tell your momma (or baby momma) that you're going to be hungover when you celebrate her Hallmark holiday on Sunday, because Saturday, May 10th will be the date to get together and make some shit happen.

Here are the details:

Date: May 10, 2008

Time: We'll start dragging in around 8 p.m.

Place: Tin Can Tavern & Grille, downtown (1909 Locust, St. Louis, 63103)

Who: You and us.

We'll have several of the GT writers and vendors in attendance and as special guests, the two guys who helped us get our website fixed when we were attacked by a virus back during the season. If you love this site like we do, you find Will Horton and Kevin Wilde and buy 'em a beer. Of course, we will have already over-plied them, so your help will only be piling on, but what the hell, we owe them.

How to find us: There will be a band and other assorted whatnot going on, but we'll be in the back room. We'll have a bunch of GT stickers available to give away, so look for a stack of circle logo stickers on a table to find the epicenter.

Free beers? Nope. But hey, we're men of the people. The Tin Can is based on can beer at ridiculously low prices, so that PBR is only gonna cost you $1.75. Yes, they accept change.

We'll be there next Saturday. Will you?