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GT Get Together Tonight

Tin Can downtown, down cans of beer inside.In case you've forgotten in the intervening days, what with all the Mother's Day planning, hockey playoffs watching and baseball ignoring, we're getting together tonight to hoist a few beverages in the name of comraderie.

The details all remain the same:

When: Tonight, May 10.

Where: The Tin Can Tavern & Grille at 1909 Locust.

Who: You and us. Confirmed attendees include writers Brad Lee, Chris Gift, Brian Weidler, Childhood Trauma and vendors John Nicolay, Amy Benoist and Clarence Walker. Additionally, we'll have Will Horton there and anyone who remembers the painful days when our site was down due to a hacking attack will want to thank Will for getting us back up and running.

Unfortunately, we know that Jeffio and his lovely bride, Bethio, will not be able to make it. Nor will the Answer Man, meaning that I will have to continue to deny that I am him for another few months.

We'll have a few people start arriving around 8 and we'll continue until whenever. There is a back room that will be the collection point. Hope to see you there!