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Answer Man Calls Dave Nonis

by The Answer Man

Dave*Ring* Dave Nonis, uh good morning?

Anwer ManMorning, this is the Answer Man. How's it hanging?

DaveI'm sorry? Who is this?

AMHey Bro, it's the Answer Man, from St. Louis Game Time and North County, duh. What's up? I hear you met with my beloved Blues.

DaveI did meet with them but I am not commenting on what was discussed.

AMThat's cool dude, I can dig that. So, when you join the Blues how soon after that should I expect my invite to the Development Camp this summer? I’m training hard six days a week. I'm a lean mean Euro Beating Machine.

DaveSir, I am not real sure what you are getting at. I am not a member of the St. Louis Blues organization.

AMOK Buddy, I'll play a long. What year is your Camaro?

Diamond DaveWhat? I do not have a Camaro.

AM*picks self off of floor* What?! Wow, that is a shocker. Didn't see that coming. I had no idea you were gay. That's cool dude. The Answer Man doesn't discriminate against North Americans.

Davey DoodleI have to go. It is early in the morning here and I have a busy day.

AM, I have a large dongYou are just getting up? Did you have a game or something last night? Yeah, the day after games I skip my 5 a.m 6k with the Answer Dog. Now back to the topic at hand. Can I just show up to Prospect Camp now that we have talked? I'm cool, right? I don't need a letter or anything, do I? Should I ask for you when I get there or Ray Barile?

David not with GoliathThis conversation is over, please do not call me ever again.

AM, Who's got the beat?  I do!OK, I'll just assume you think this is costing me long distance but I have a calling card from Wal-Mart. I'm cool dude. What should I wear to camp and will there be a lock on my locker? I'll be wicked pissed if someone takes my fanny pack. Oh, lastly, is the "no fighting" rule going to be waved at this year's camp?

Dave, boxers or briefs?OK, that is it. I am hanging up now.

AM- Nor Co Soldier 4-Life!Who's your favorite wrestler?