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Your Friday Time-Killer

By the Game Time Staff

Hey, Peter, um, yeah....Friday is sweet. Friday is usually such a half-steppin' day in corporate America that they might as well let anyone who spends 40 hours a week living in a Cubeville just go home early. Of course, that'd probably kill the Internet's volume by about 50% for the day, so maybe we'll shut up for now.

As a way to help us you pass the time on a Friday when you should really be working on your TPS Reports, this is the first in our off-season attempt to bring you some content that's a little different from what we normally do. These Friday links may have nothing to do with the Blues, or even with hockey, but we like them and therefore assume that you will too. In no particular order, here's some stuff to enjoy while pretending that you won't be dealing with a severe case of the Mondays in just 72 hours:

  1. We love the blogosphere. We do actually believe that the old-guard of MSM is dying, even though we still subscribe to the daily paper for now. We also love the book and movie versions of "Friday Night Lights." But Buzz Bissinger makes himself look like an old man railing away against the relentless waves of the future during this roundtable discussion with Deadspin creator Will Leitch on Bob Costas' new show. Bob, we expected better of you than to set up an ambush like this. That's not very St. Louis of you.

  2. We also love the response of one of the quoted blog authors to Bissinger's rants. Big Daddy Drew takes the high road.

  3. Holy shit do we miss college.

  4. Sidney Crosby's playoff beard is the worst we've ever seen. He's either interviewing for a job as a waiter at a French restaurant or he's gone gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  5. Speaking of not that there's anything wrong with that...

  6. Failure, apparently, is an option.

Feel free to make this a community effort: add your links in the comments.