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Come, Join The Cup Live Blog

Call him Daddy, Puck Daddy.

By Brad Lee

One of the highlights for us at Game this season was the establishment and popularity of the live blog. And with at most seven games left in the NHL season we're not going to start live blogging the playoffs. But one of our Internet friends is.

Puck Daddy, edited by Greg Wyshynski, is going to be doing a live blog during every game of the Finals. And while you probably can't blatantly write "fuck Detroit" in the comments 100 times*, you certainly can express that sentiment. And give him your snarky best usually reserved for us around these parts.

*Censorship is a fucking bitch.

Anyway, Greg actually dropped us a line through the old e-mails asking us to stop by and check out the live blog knowing that our readers have some experience in this area. So if you're going to be watching what could be a darn good series, stop by Puck Daddy and tell him Game sent you. All you need is a Yahoo! account. You could even make your avatar our pucked-up logo dude.

Answer Man, is that you?