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How Game 1 Really Started

By Brad Lee

Michel Therien, coaching
OK, men. We've got a helluva matchup on our hands, eh? We need to skate hard, hit harder and compete on every shift. Our scorers need to score and our grinders need to grind. Everyone must do their part. It's true, the Red Wings are a more experienced squad. They've been here before. We'ved watched it on TV. They've kissed the Cup, you've kissed your mamas. I don't want to put any pressure on you boys, but our backs are against the wall. It's do or die time.

Marc-Andre, we need a huge game from you. So when we take the ice tonight, you lead us. You set the tone. Don't let us down.

meanwhile out on the ice...

Stinks, don't it.
Woooooo! Wooooooo! I love you Detroit! Keep buying those playoff tickets!
(flings octopus gunk on the ice)