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Hey, The Finals Aren’t Over Afterall

By Brad Lee

So about that blog post we wrote yesterday about Chris Osgood should win the Conn Smythe trophy?
That puck should be around here some place. Maybe it's behind me.

Maybe we should have waited another game or two before making such a prognostication.
The fans cheering the guys in black wore white. Makes perfect sense.

Suddenly with a 3-2 win in Pittsburgh Wednesday night, we have an interesting Stanley Cup Final* again.

*When did they take the "s" off the end of Final? It's not one game, it's a series of games. It's the Finals. The NBA calls their last round of the playoffs the NBA Finals. Is this like the decision to call Toronto the Maple Leafs? What's next, the St. Louis Blue?

Finally that one kid wearing No. 87 for Pittsburgh will get some attention after scoring two goals. And more importantly, the Red Wings suddently don't look as invincible. For this series to live up to the hype, it really needs to go six games minimum. To do that, the Penguins have to hold serve and win at the Igloo Saturday night*.

*I can understand the league wanting the best ratings possible and also the contractual obligation to get CBC Saturday night broadcasts in Canada, but two days off in a series with no travel is silly. It's so much time off, the Red Wings actually flew home after the game Wednesday. One conspiracy theory is to give Chris Chelios a couple extra days in his coffin so that he can have all his black powers recharged to play in Game 4. He is undead afterall, right?

Our friends at Puck Daddy* are quick to remind that this one game success for Pittsburgh will be short-lived if the Penguins come out and suck Saturday night.

*Sorry for another Posterick (blame Joe Posnanski's blog), but Greg at Puck Daddy gave us a featured role on their live blog Wednesday night. They use a crazy new program that you have to see live to believe. Greg puts up pics and video that run real time that hijack the program for a few seconds but in a good way, the comments are real time mixed with the live blogging. It's insane but pretty cool. I can't highly recommend enough checking them out Saturday night if you're not out doing things besides watching hockey on TV. Game Time commenter Tim stopped by and had them rolling with some of the snarkiness you've come to expect around this place.

Feel free to chat up the Penguins, drop a few bombs on Detroit or whatever in the comments. Even though the Blues didn't make the playoffs, the Stanley Cup Final is still a fun time. Especially when Detroit isn't given the Cup without a fight.