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You Write The Comedy - Playoff Edition

By Brad Lee

So that "Let's root for the Montreal Canadiens and the team playing Detroit" strategy we deployed at the beginning of the playoffs is working swimmingly! Detroit has played two games over the minimum in getting to the conference finals and Montreal was lucky not to lose in the first round against a team it had beaten eight times in the regular season before bowing out to the Flyers. Hey, didn't Philadelphia really suck not that long ago?

We've had three series end in the last two days. For your "pleasure," three photos of dejected and suddenly sad playoff hockey teams. Your captions in the comments, please.

Tomas Plekanec of Montreal:
Mama and Pappa always told me to be a dentist and marry a nice farm girl. Why did I not listen?

Martin Straka of the New York Rangers:
I blame Jagr.

Joe Thornton and Evgeni Nabokov of San Jose (who lost in the fourth overtime at about 1:30 a.m. Monday):
Man, that is some good deodorant. I hardly smell you in the fourth overtime.

If anyone wants us to jinx any of the four remaining teams, our allegiance (estimated value: -$1 million) is up for grabs.