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Friday Potpouri

I bet it's as hypnotic as a beer-themed zamboni.

By Brad Lee

The Conference Finals are just too damn depressing to talk about after a 4-1 win by the evil empire last night. So let's get to some time killers!

  • In Boston, there's a new meaning to shaving the ice (picture up top).

  • "Controversey" surrounding the world's largest free-standing hockey stick.

  • Damn, there are some strange/annoying/idiotic fans left rooting for teams in the NHL playoffs.

  • Baseball mascot loses his head. Note to St. Louis Blues: buy an ATV and make this happen next year.

  • Movie actress Elisha Cuthbert likes her hockey players. The former Sean Avery girlfriend is now getting Phaneufed at the beach.

Your links/snarky observations in the comments.