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Killing Time until the 4th

In the "Where Are They Now Category," this is really a piece about where they were then. A lovingly written story about a one-time icon of the young up and coming Blues. While the blog is from a year ago, it is a re-posting of a 2003 piece. Notice ex-King and current free agent coach (and possible Andy Murray replacement) being promenently featured with quotes alongside our own beloved Larry Pleau.

Bishop, Johnson, Pietrangelo, Backes, Oshie, and Perron?!?

In the "Do Canadians Have a 4th Of July" category, only one Blues' player was born on the 4th of July.

July 1st, they are having a cookoff, heavy on the off.

And finally on the "Nothing To Do With Hockey" category, one wonders if they even know what that word means. Still, things could be worse or George W. could be in charge.

Myers knows how to make a good hockey movie like Spears knows how to be a good parent