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Check The New Blues Club

By Sean Gallagher

You all have your game day rituals: you eat at certain spots; you get your copy of Game Time from a specific vendor; you yell for Towel Boy to jump after he does his schtick.

Is there anything better than a roadie?But wouldn't it be great if there was a tailgate atmosphere before the home games? Rams fans have tried to get one going with varying levels of success and Blues fans have attempted it once or twice before, but now there is an actual organization dedicating itself to forming a community of crazy Blues fans who want to pre-party, post-party and even roadtrip to away games.

We give you The Blues Dudes.

They're looking to build some comraderie among the faithful (a group that we at Game Time sort of cater to anyway) and the first meeting of the new season on Jun. 21 at Maggie O's. Go to their site for details and to sign up for their email list. They're also looking at a KC trip for the pre-season if there's enough support.

Personally, we love the idea here - gameday preparations at the Tin Can downtown, Saturday night viewing parties for away games, roadies, getting season tickets in the same section (though we'd have a really hard time leaving Sec. 307 to join them) and all the associated hilarity that will surely ensue. Our only suggestion would be to not admit that they stole the idea from some Blue Jackets fans. But that's just us - we're kind of petty.