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Checking The GT Presence in the Webosphere

By Sean Gallagher

Not that we're all that big into tooting our own horn,

but sometimes we like to point out our own awesomeness (and simultaneously point out our own humbleness). To wit: our own Answer Man has been picked up by the National Lampoons Sports Blog and has been posting on topics such as "welcome new Blues GM; I don't trust you," and "you know who'd be a good hockey announcer? This wrestling dude," and other topics that will make you wonder just what exactly is in all those supplements he takes.

Likewise, Brad Lee, whom many of you have seen popping up over at the Puck Daddy site, won that site's contest to come up with the best quip to stick on Chris Pronger's player page over at And you gotta know that Pronger is gonna see that some day.

Yes, the NY Times covers hockey. And no, it's not too smart to read.And finally, we completed our tour of duty as the Blues blogger for the New York Times' Slapshot blog experiment. We hope that Jeff Klein continues to bring us in next year, because we had a blast and it put us in contact with some other great hockey fans from some other cities with whom we normally wouldn't cross paths. Plus we got to make fun of some of our usual targets on a national stage.