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Hurry, Buy A Piece Of Alan Thicke

It's real. We swear.

By Brad Lee

On July 20, your chance to own a part of hockey history will be over. That's when the online auction ends for Alan Thicke's Blues jersey he wore during the "celebrity" hockey game last month.

The news that Thicke was in the game didn't go unnoticed. The fellas at Joe Sports Fan had two posts about Thicke being a god-damned celebrity hockey player. And our Internet friend Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy fame at Yahoo! Sports posted "highlights" of Thicke actually playing in the game. Apparently the Blues are cashing in on this Alan Thickemania!* And besides owning a piece of one of Canada's crown jewels, you can also buy the jerseys of such celebrities as Kim Alexis, Mark DeCarlo and Ron Duguay!

*Thickepalooza? Thickegate? Thickocity? The Alan Thicke Project?

We're the last people to be making fun of someone who wants to buy a unique hockey jersey. One guy who writes for us owns a Barret Jackman jersey with a C on the front because it was free and thought he would be the next captain. Oops. And one of us owns a Gretzky Blues clown suit (and NEVER EVER wears it). But there is no reason on this planet to buy a piece of unwashed hockey clothing from Dr. Jason Seaver.

Unless your name is Richard Stabone.