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Top 11ish Rejected 2008-09 Advertising Ideas

11. Cam early and Cam often!

Cam better get used to street clothes!

10. When the Blues score six goals in a single week, Larry Rice gets a free taco, assuming he sends one of his minions to Scottowel between 12:45 and 12:47 the next day.

9. The St. Louis Blues, we put the "A" in NHL.

8. Willing to do whatever it takes, as long as it doesn't involve signing free agents!

which one is Cheap Cheap, and which one is Fun Fun??

7. Scoring WILL be at a premium, like our beer prices! like the ticket prices for our most popular games!

6. Planning to hang the numbers of such Blues' greats as Len Frig, Curtis Giles, Andre Dupont, Ron Schock, Jocelyn Lemieux, Gordon Kannegiesser, and more!

Give us your slogans in the comments.

Blues' icon so old, Gabrielle Lippman hadn't invented color yet! (p.s. the joke is these numbers ALREADY hang at Savvis)