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When Our Jokes Come True

By Sean Gallagher

In the business of wiseass unofficial hockey programs (population: 1) you sometimes find yourself stretching a premise to an extreme to get a laugh.

See also: Eric Brewer is a Robot.

See also: The guy in the mascot costume is a sweaty pervert.

See also: Jay McKee is soft like a woman.

And then our boy Fragile Jay McKee goes ahead and proves us factual, thereby ruining a perfectly good joke. At energy guy, solid leader, durable, overpaid fourth liner and playboy Dan Hinote's wedding this last weekend, F-Jay showed up dressed as a woman.

Baby, I can't wait to get back to the Brentwood Best Buy and spend more cash I didn't really earn the last two years.While we understand that Hinote and his Playboy Playmate wife decided to have a retarded "theme" wedding and reception, we have to question the decision-making process of any individual who reads a wedding invitation that says "dress in 1950's style garb" and immediately thinks, "I call Marilyn Monroe!"

And yes, he wore a blond wig and some heels, too.

Hinote himself said it pretty well when he remarked during his speech,

"You must be a bunch of screwed up people to dress up like the '50s, right? I have a teammate dressed as a woman."

Or, more succinctly, as our Answer Man would say, "that shit is ghey."

But, again, as the publisher of a small-time smartass paper, we see only opportunity here: send us an original photo of this getup and win a GT t-shirt and sticker. It may not be much, but you can rest easy knowing that you've given us a picture that will appear on this site and in our printed paper about 427 times in the next 12 months (conservatively).

Oh, and to anyone who wants to defend this particular type of themed wedding, don't even start, because I don't speak Hoosier.