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Top 11ish things the Blues bought to make the 2008-09 team better

11: Wii Fitness. Figures don't lie, KT's fitness coach apparently does.

WOW, I can't believe the results!

10: Yan Stastny. If you can't afford the best Stastny, or even the second best Stastny, and don't want to risk being the first NHL team to play a female Stastny, then Yan is the Stastny for you!

Yes a Stastny. But a female tennis player, prob could take her brother in pond hockey.

09: Ryan Johnson's roster spot. 1,150,000 worth of space. Buys a lot of free tacos.

a million dollar idea?

08: The Peoria Rivermen. Why have no AHL team when Checketts has the money to field two of them next season? And with third jersies for both, anything is possible!

Stayin' Alive?!?

07: A&B stock. Not sure how this helps Andy Murray, per se, but when has helping your Belguim overlords while making some money on the side ever been a bad thing?

How many Americans does it take to make Coors, Miller, and Budweiser? ZERO!

06: Per numerous fan requests (most recently by LosBri), JD shot a bear mascot in his pajamas, how he got into JD's pajamas no one knows, but Louie's suit and tie, and bare naked bear nakedness on the low-side is now coupled with several pants suits, bib overalls, and loin cloths!

a Bear-Sterns executive?I do my little turn on the bear walk...