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Sean Gallagher dealt to Oakland

Yep, he even had to find his own way there.

By the remaining contributors of Game Time

In a bittersweet move, as first reported by ESPN, Sean Gallagher has been acquired by the Oakland A's.

While most are suprised by the move, with a little simple analysis, the deal makes perfect sense for both parties.

Face it, Game Time readers, Sean was the most visible GT staffer, and because of that, Oakland GM Billy Beane coveted him. At his news conference discussing the trade, Beane said, "I think we've taken a step forward for the next three to five years."

This trade does make Game Time look like sellers with the July 31 trade deadline fast approaching.

However, after a long, drunken staff meeting (we had to drink Gallagher's beer after we kicked him out of the GT HQ), we realized that with Brad doing the front page again this season, Gift taking on the statistical work that Sean contributed and Jeffio writing the letter from the editor, that GT will be streamlined and as strong as ever.

We hope you understand why we made this decision and will continue to support us this upcoming season.

Game Time would like to thank Sean for all of his hard work and dedication throughout the last three hockey seasons and two baseball seasons and wish him and his new Oakland A's teammates the best of luck.