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Blues Confirm Interest In Shanahan

Nice teef.

By Brad Lee

Holy Crap August sucks for writing a hockey blog. Nothing is going on so we have to write about getting secondhand Bobby Orr skates, bad Cardinals free agent signings and indoor soccer helping influence our interest in hockey. Hello non sequitor.

But today there is almost real Blues news. Kind of. Blues president John Davidson confirmed to Jeremy Rutherford of the Post-Dispatch that the team has thrown its hat into the ring for free agent forward Brendan Shanahan. Of course Shanahan told the New York Daily News that he's still focused on returning to the New York Rangers. And the Rangers are expected to have about $2 million in cap space, which could be enough to sign him although it's still not clear if the Rangers even want the 39-year-old back.

We mentioned Shanahan's signing as a possibility awhile back...and then in the next breath debunked it with a comment from Rutherford in one of his hockey chats saying there was no way Shanahan would be coming to the Blues. But with Shanny still sitting out there, we guess it could still happen. Maybe.

Davidson spoke to The Morning After on Team 1380 here in St. Louis this morning. Davidson said Shanahan has been waiting on the Rangers to make a decision...and the Rangers like the rest of the NHL are waiting on Mats Sundin. If the Rangers bring in the Swede, they'll have to clear salary cap room and there's no way they could afford Shanny.

"Sundin seems to be the key to the whole thing," Davidson said. When asked how long this stalemate could drag on with training camp next month, he said Shanahan can't remain patient and wait all summer. "I don't think he'll sit there and wait and wait and wait."

Forget for the moment that Shanahan married his friend Craig Janney's ex-wife and may have stolen her away while they were teammates on the Blues. A season ago Shanahan scored 23 goals and 23 assists in 73 games. Eleven of those goals came on the power play. Amazingly he still averaged more than 18 minutes of ice time per game. He's also developed into a solid penalty killer. Would a guy who has 650 career goals but who turns 40 in January have a big impact on this year's Blues squad? It would generate some buzz during a really long and boring summer. The female audience would most likely be in favor of him signing. And everyone knows the Blues have sucked since the lockout on the power play while two of their best penalty killers last season are now on different teams.

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