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Your Blues PR Post

By Sean Gallagher

As someone who loves to jump all over a shitty PR scheme when we see one, we have to admit: We like the new Blues ads.

Unlike last year's misguided 'beg for forgiveness' shitvertisements, this year the ad agency got it right. Let's focus on where we're going, not where we are right now. So far there are only two posted on the Blues' site and their focus is on two items: The Blues have talented youngsters and the Blues have a good goalie.

Right on, boys. Right on. That's a PR scheme that we'll get behind. For now.

*Note: we've been burned by using embed video from the Blues before. If these vids try to grab control of our site and force you to view them no matter what gets posted after it, this entire thing will disappear. Thanks, The Management.

p.s. Sorry about the shitty advertisements included before the non-shitty advertisements.

[Update: that's it, we've had it with embedding the video from the Blues site. We've talked to their webmaster and he's going to see if there's a workaround to having their player take over our site, but honestly, we're not holding our breath. The videos can be seen by using the links below.]

David Perron's silly fast (and youthful) hands.

Manny Legace is our goalie. Apparently he dares you to shoot.